Reworking an SKS Trigger, thanks to Fragger

First thing I did was order a new sear from Paul's Guns-The SKS Man :>) (no kidding)
Next remove the hammer, sear retaining pin, spring, and mag. catch.
This is going to be tough to explain. The sear has a slot cut on either side that it rides back and forth on. On the frame is a rail / rib that mates into this slot. At the end of the rail / rib is a stop on both sides that will stop the reward travel of the sear. On the sear, at the end of the slot, is an angle that mates with this stop. If you take material off of this angle, BUT still maintain the angle, the sear will move closer to the trigger bar. Moving the sear closer to the trigger bar lessens the first stage length of pull. You DON'T want it to touch the trigger bar. I didn't measure the distance but would guesstimate it to be at least .050 gap between the contact points of the trigger bar and the sear. By the way point that the trigger bar contacts the sear is just above the under cut on the sear. Now that the sear is in a closer relationship with the trigger bar you'll have to remove metal off of the end of the sear that slides under the hammer. NOT the top of the sear that contacts the ''catch'' of the hammer, but the end. I put the hammer in without the spring and put pressure on it as if it was under tension, slid the sear in and would take a little at a time off of the back until the sear would come back into contact with the stop on the rail / rib. Note: when removing metal off of the back of the sear, DON'T remove it off of the area that contacts the trigger bar or you'll be back at step one. Also if too much is taken off of the back the trigger will activate the release of the hammer at a whisper. Take a little off...release the hammer by using the trigger.
EVERYONE please note that I have close to 30 years backround in a machine shop i.e. milling machines, lathes, surface grinding, etc. etc. Please don't try this unless you have a good bit of knowledge. I don't want to hear about it on the 6: 00 news AND it would give the anti's one more bullet in their stripper clip. Fragger and Survivor can not be held liable if you mess up, you work on the trigger group at your own risk.