Author Topic: Help! Savage/Stevens 320 Security Pump 12 ga Issue  (Read 1605 times)

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Help! Savage/Stevens 320 Security Pump 12 ga Issue
« on: July 21, 2012, 10:47:47 PM »
I got one of those new low cost Savage/Steven Security pump shotguns. Took it apart to to clean all the factory oils and examine it, reassembled it carefully, no problems. Pumped it and dry fired it several times, no problem. Picked it up to pump and dry fire again and it gets hung up in mid pump, I examine it and the little tongue thing that lifts the shell seems to be catching the forend. I push it up a little to uncatch it, and the forend comes all the way back. I move it forward, dry fire again. I go to cycle once again and it catches again when pumping it, I examine closer and see that the shell lifter part is loose and flopping around. I disassembled it and took a look, I can't see anything that looks like it should be connected that isn't, it's totally loose and there doesn't seem to be anyway to fix it.

I'll call the manufacturer on Monday, but it sure would be nice if someone had any insight in the mean time.