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sks barrel cut?

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--- Quote from: railroader ---If you cut the barrel down the front sight  assembly won't fit back on the barrel. The diameter of the barrel is larger farther down than where the front sight started out originally.   Mark
--- End quote ---

Yup.  Once you take the front sight off, you'll notice that the OD of the barrel has been machined down so the front sight can be pressed on.  If you cut the barrel and move the FSB further back, you'll need to do the same thing.  It can be done by hand, but it's going to take a lot of work to make sure the FSB fits snugly in its new location without being a sloppy fit.  You'll also need to groove the barrel so it can be pinned in place.

Money wise, it's cheaper to just buy a 16-1/2 "Paratrooper" Chicom from the start.  Unless you just like doing things yourself, in which case it would be a fun project.

After you get the barrel cut and the FSB replaced, you'll need to recrown it.  The shorter barrel may affect the cycling of the gas sytem since there's not as much pressure.  If this is the case, you could CAREFULLY ream out the gas port to allow more gas into the gas tube.  I'd only do this if it becomes an issue, and I'd do it in very small increments.

I was going to cut my Yugo down to 16" and was a little concerned about the cycling do the the short barrel after the gas port. I planned to turn the barrel down on a lathe to get the front site back on. Well after looking at everything pinned to the barrel I decided I didn't want to remove the pins, so the barrel wouldnt fit in the lathe. I ended up cutting the barrel at 17-1/4" and having a local gunsmith crown the mussle using a carbide ball mill bit. He is working on it now and I will pick it up in about 3-hours.

I was going to put all of this on a T6 stock, but decided for the SKS I want to keep it wood. It just looks so much better and I was tired of f-ing around with the aftermarket crap mags. I was going to cut the bayonet shorter to fit since the front site would be closer. All thats out the window now. I still think a shortened bayonet would be cool. It protrude further past the muzzle since the grenade launcher and muzzle brake would be cut off.
By the way I have some of this stuff on ebay:

I called 6-7 local gunsmiths, none of them would remove the pins from the barrel so they could get it in their lathe. They all recommended a muzzle crown kit and do it myself. They didn't have the drill attachments, they all did it with lathe. Basically none of them were interested in doing it. The last man I spoke with told me he does the carbide ball mill bit for this type of rifle. He is charging me $20 and I will find out how it looks in a few hours.

I also have my other parts for this rifle arriving today. Because I decided to cut off the front site I decided to replace the rear site with a scope mount. I have a handgun scope I am installing because it has the extended eye relief.

Although I will not be finished with the rifle in the next few days I hope to have a few pictures up soon. I still might do some blueing to some of the parts and I need to finish the stock. Maybe I will get a chance to shoot it and post a little video clip or something.


Please make sure that that you make it at least 16+".

I'd feel beeter knowing I was 1/16" too long than the other way.

Here's one I did myself at 18"L.

No problem with the gas system at all.
{pic no longer available}


BillyBang, that looks good.  Nice job!


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