Author Topic: Info on Norinco Poly SKS?  (Read 3143 times)

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Info on Norinco Poly SKS?
« on: February 22, 2007, 11:11:40 AM »
The SKS that I recently acquired is according to the original owner to be unfired since purchased condition. The markings on the left side of the receiver are the serial number of 8-151XXXXL and the 0306 factory code symbol. then the words "SKS 7.62X39 MADE IN CHINA BY NORINCO POLY USA ATL GA" .

He said that when he purchased this rifle along with others for $89.95 at a Roses department store in NC, and that it had a bayonet on it. He couldn't remember if his son had removed it for whatever reason, but that several of the SKS's that he purchased had bayonets. I would like to replace the bayonet on it if possible. The original owner doesn't remember when he bought this particular rifle. How can I determine when this weapon was imported?
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