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I'm about to be the recipient of several pistols for FREE! UPDATE PICS

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I'm researching the values on these guns, this is what I've come up with.  Found a good informational website:

Florida Firearms Corp.
"AG" GALESI (AG" is "Armi Galesi")- Low serial - 0242XX (Approximately $75.00-150.00)
Made in Italy
25 cal
All that I can tell you about the date of manufacture of your pistol is that the Galesi company of Brescia, Italy began manufacturing firearms in 1914 and production of the Model 6 began in 1930. The Model 6 was based on the design of the Browning Model 1910, it was a striker fired pistol with concentric recoil spring, no grip safety and only a groove on the top of the slide for sighting. At first the Model 6 was only available in 6.35mm or 7.65mm calibres but in 1936, a .380 version was offered which is rumored to have been adopted in small numbers as a substitute standard pistol for the Italian armed forces. I was unable to find any information about Florida Firearms Corp., they were most likely the U.S. importer. Blue book values for Galesi Model 6 pistols is in the $60 to $130 range.
Galesi Model 6 Pocket Auto. These were first available starting in 1930 in .22 LR and .25 ACP calibers. Pistols had a 6 shot magazine capacity, 2 & 1/4 inch barrel, blue finish, fixed sights and plastic grips. There is little or no collectors interest in these little pistols.
Very nice example on gunbroker:

Model 999
Made in Italy Brevettata
.22 cal Blank Firing Starters Pistol (Not worth much unless somebody wanted it, LOL $25.00 - $50.00)

Harington and Richardson Arms Co. - Pre WWII
32 cal - Hammerless ($125.00 - $195.00)

Hopkins and Allen Mfg. Co. - Pre WWII
XL Double Action
32 cal (Approximately $100.00 - $150.00)
H&A used many names on the same basic revolver: ie; Acme,,Blue Jacket,Captain Jack,Chichester,Defender,Dictator,Hopkins & Allen,Imperial Arms Co., Monarch,Mountain Eagle,Ranger,Tower's Police Safety,Universal and XL all made in caliber's .22.32.38 or .41. The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly, Part II: revolvers has the take down instructions for a typical H&A double action this case the No. 6. While some parts may vary in form..they are the same in function. Our host has the book. Ask about Item #730590. They also list some parts for the XL on page 351 of catalog #28

Beistegui Bros - Pre WWII
Eibar Spain
38 long cart.
The only info that I could find.

Pistole Modell 27 WWII Nazi - Low serial number 1051XX (Approximately $300.00 - 350.00 range)
Bohmische Waffenfabrik
AG in Prag
32 cal

Spike 7.62:
Outstanding research.

I wonder if this older gentleman was a WWII veteran? Those euro pistols could very well be war trophies.


Gator Monroe:
If they are war Trophy Guns (Contact the Gent and get their story) The story of Trophy firearms far outweighs their monetary value... My S.E.A.M. vest pocket 6.35mm auto is worth $50.00-$150.00 but it's surviving Two wars(Numerous campains and countries)  in a German Officers boot make it priceless to me and others...

Full Clip:

--- Quote from: Gator Monroe on July 14, 2007, 12:15:30 PM ---If they are war Trophy Guns (Contact the Gent and get their story)
--- End quote ---

Absolutely. Get a little tape recorder and just get him to start rambling. You can type it up later. The history would make them MUCH more interesting and valuable in my eyes if I owned them.
I regret the fact that I didn't do the same before my grandfather passed away. He left me his .38 Smith snubbie FBI service revolver (which he never once drew or fired in anger in 20 years) and an Enfield P17 that he bought as war surplus in the 1940s (I have the original bill of sale) and sportered. Both are somewhat ho-hum firearms, but if you know the history... they are something special, at least to me.
If I'd had the FULL story on each from him... well, I'd prize them even more.

Great deal, Panoz; the history and the value and the care you're giving these pistols almost equals the compliment your friend gave you by putting these pistols in your hands.

And the price is RIGHT! I love free guns. "Djawannit?" is the best word in the English Language.

I checked a little on the Beistegui Bros (Hermanos) revolver, an' it ain' much but I found that the company was an arms manufacturer in Eimar, (founded 1907) one of several, not just pre-WWII but pre-Spanish Civil War, known for their copy of a Mauser Broomhandle and an automatic pistol, the Ruby.

After the wars they moved in to Bike manufacturing, where they're still a recognized name: BH Bikes.

Google translation from:

--- Quote ---The evolution and/or disappearance of you make them of arms in Eibar

The manufacture of arms in the river basin of Must (Placencia-Soraluze “Real Factory of Arms”, Eibar, Elgoibar, Ermua, Mondragón, Elorrio and other localities) is very united to the traditional iron production of the north of the country.
Until 1865 the armera production is of Gremial type, in this year, the spark key is replaced by the piston, the appearance of the powder without smoke, allowed the development of semiautomatic and automatic mechanisms that revolutionized the armera industry.
This way, they appear the companies “Orbea Brothers”, “Larrañaga “, “Anitua and Charola”, “Gárate and Anitua”, etc…, in Eibar.
In Placencia-Soraluze it is “Basque” one of most outstanding.
At the beginning of century XX, Eibar counted on 1,149 gunsmiths; Placencia-Soraluze with 257 and Elgoibar with 103.
In 1900, Eibar emphasizes like center gunsmith, of between the rest of localities.
During World War I (1914-1919) the industry, had an important increase of orders and to its conclusion, Eibar lived one on the strongest crises of the sector.
Stocks stored which they are vendian with much difficulty, when existing competition at world-wide level.

By this, in 1920, the Basque industry attempt a reconversion.
Thus, the companies: “Orbea Brothers”, “Gárate, Anitua and company” and “Beistegui Brothers” and, let make sidearms and began the production of bicycles (“Orbea”, “G.A.C.” and “B.H. ”).
Other companies made machines to sew “Alpha”, other material of office “the Helmet, Olave, Solozabal and company”. Iclusive Unceta and company ASTRA mounted the Dália factory dedicated to the manufacture of table places setting
In 1937, in the Civil War, Eibar is bombed by pro-Franco aviation, the hundreds of factories of the river basin of the river Must, are devastated and later, its machines confiscated by the facists, eradicating the industrial sector.
“The confiscated” machinery by Franc, was located in the few factories of the industrialists who supported blatantly to the facist regime (Unceta and company ASTRA, Bonifacio Echeverria STAR, Gabilondo and company Llama, Ecia Mortars, etc…)
After finalizing the Civil War, the regime, single it allowed to continue the armera production to the factories that supported the Pro-Franco Coup d'etat.

Nowadays the sector gunsmith practically to disappear, its basic production, is the artisan manufacture of arms of luxury hunting.
--- End quote ---

Interesting that the tooling that made your .38 long cart probably went to ASTRA, STAR and Llama, among others...
Good luck finding out more on your great find.


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