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Forjas Taurus 38 special.

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--- Quote from: denny56 on May 01, 2010, 05:13:26 PM ---I picked up a Forjas Taurus 4" 38 special at the gun show for a buck fifty and can not for the life of me figure out the model number. It has 906 stamped on the cylinder,frame,inside hand grips. Does anyone know if they ever made a model 906. Also it's missing the adjustable front sight. So if 906 is the model and someone knows where i might get a front sight please let me know.

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my mistake I meant a rear sight. Thanks Frisco Pete

i tryed contacting Taurus and they gave me a phone number 1-703-739-2150 and said this man could help me but it rings busy all the time. said the pistol was from the 70's and didn't mention nothing about might having a rear sight that would fit it. Brownells sent me a 9 page list of people to contact, in hopes of finding one.


--- Quote from: denny56 on May 04, 2010, 09:34:55 PM ---I tryed to take some photos of the  pistol that i am trying to figure out the model. It definitely has 906 all over. it has forjas Taurus SA B ALERGE R.G.S. BRASIL on the left side of barrel. CAL 38on right side of barrel on right  side under cylinder it has Firearms Intl group Washington DC 38 Special and under serial number it has Made in Brazil on the left side plate it has a picture of a bull with Taurus Brazil in the circle with the bull . Maybe these flicks will help someone figure out what model number this is. it even has the 906 stamp inside the plastic hand guards. doe any one where i might be able to get a adjustable rear sight for this once we figure out the model.

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Perhaps Firearms International Corp.?  8)

If so, and based on the look of the design, I think it is, it was imported by FIC pre 1970, which is the year that Bangor Punta took a 54% financial interest in Taurus, and, already owning S&W, Taurus revolvers became virtual clones of the "Smiths" design.

Before this, Taurus revolvers looked like a cross of Colt, Smith, and Llama guns, among others.  Your pics show those design elements.

Further, if made and imported pre-1968, it may have no serial number, nor model number affixed, as these were not required until GCA 68 took effect.

The "906" found on your revolver may simply be a number to allow construction on that particular design (so that no "707" parts got placed onto it), or an inspectors number, or even a number assigned to the person assembling it.

It is doubtful that S&W sights will work on it, without some serious 'smithing, as even during the Bangor Punta years, parts of similar looking Taurus and S&W revolvers were seldom interchangeable (perhaps due to Metric vs U.S. Customary measurements ??). and I would not know, as Taurus USA no longer even follows the S&W type designs that they did under the BP years, if their newer parts would suffice.

Certainly, it will be an undertaking of some magnitude to find the correct parts, or alter others.

It would be hit or miss, I'd think, with parts overly large or smaill, and screw holes that  might not properly align.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

And, also, if it were me, I'd not shoot +P ammo thru the gun, for safety concerns.

I can already tell it is going to be a job to find the rear sight to fit this. But i'm gonna keep trying till i find one or else. I know no +P in this pistol, i love my fingers to much. :(


--- Quote from: Frisco Pete on May 05, 2010, 02:30:59 PM ---Sounds like an early Taurus, imported before Taurus USA came into being.  
The fact that you say you think it should have an ADJUSTABLE FRONT sight is interesting, because basically every revolver has a rather basic fixed blade front sight.  (Yes there are a couple of S&W optional target exceptions but...).  Some front sights can be drifted in their dovetail mount, but that is not really considered "adjustable" per se.
Adjustable sights are normally found on the REAR of handguns.

You could go to a gun dealer, bring your Taurus along, and compare it to a new Taurus revolver.  It is quite likely that they use the same sights now as they have always done.  Front sights are simple and I would imagine that a decent gunsmith could come up with something for you there.
You could also send the gun to Taurus USA and they could put on a new sight for you - either front or rear. www.taurususa.com/contact.cfm  Even if it is an older model, they probably have parts for it.

The Taurus is a copy of a S&W, so there is the possibility that a front or rear sight from a S&W Model 15 could work.

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I contacted Taurus and they have no parts to fit what i have and told me that I could send in the revolver i have and $200 dollars and they wold send me a new 38. Does that sound like a good deal or what. I mean i pay postage and handling and the fee for the FFl guy, so I need some help guys, what should i do? it is a model 906 s. they said it was one the old 38's.


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