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Garand Bayonets, 1917 bayonets
« on: December 04, 2010, 07:57:44 PM »
Rainy cold pissy day, 3:35 pm and already almost dark. Bored. figured I'd pull out the bayonet collection and take some pictures.

First on the left is a M1905E1, a 16 inch shortened to 10 inch spear pointed 1942 PAL bayonet. Next is an M1905E1 shortened bowie point Springfield Armory 1920 bayonet with brown plastic handles. Last is a made 10 inch M1 model by Union Fork and Hoe Company.

Top is a Canada Arsenal 1917 Viet Nam era bayonet made for shotgun use. Next is a Remington 1917 dated bayonet followed by a Winchester 1917 dated bayonet. Bottom bayonet is a 1917 dated Model 1905 Rock Island Arsenal without scabbard, still trying to find a correct one for it.
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